A particular red

“A particular red”, is a painting created in February 2016. The title is not descriptive; it refers in a broad associative way, to his experience of the opera. In the beginning of a painting, Rodrigo likes to move away from themes, so the work starts to grow, forming its own language. His work uses the human scale – the physical qualities of the paint, creating texture and surfaces, marks of signs and synonyms, from the narratives of the world.

“There are things, places and moments in daily life that catch my attention,” Rodrigo says, “I try to capture their attraction in my work. These moments connect the physical and the perceptual world.”

“Starting to paint without an idea is crucial in allowing the painting to grow. My paintings are a continuous and constant screening process between my conscious and unconscious, by what comes from outside and what comes from inside, questioned, reflected, judged or changed.

Plato: “dreams for those who are awake.”

Rodrigo Chaveiro

Rodrigo Chaveiro

Rodrigo Chaveiro, is a young Portuguese artist, living in London. He is currently a BA Painting student, at UAL Wimbledon College of Art. In his work he uses the world as we know it to create an identity, and make a statement of that identity.
Rodrigo Chaveiro

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