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Foci Editor. MSt English Literature graduate from Oxford University. Interested in social trends and consumer habits, particularly as they intersect with the arts in the changing cultural landscape of the digital age.

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David Bowie – Lady Gaga 40 years on?

Bowie, perhaps slightly more pretentiously, declared himself “really in control of the image, as a painter is, for instance,” influenced by “things like the kabuki theater in Japan and German expressionist movies and poetry by Baudelaire…everything from Presley to Edith Piaf went into this mix of this hybridizing, this pluralism about what, in fact, rock music was and could become.”

Breaking News and Breaking into the Box

The creative and entertainment industries are harder than ever to break into, and TV is one of the most oversubscribed, painfully competitive careers out there. Last week I caught up with Granada Board Director, veteran Reporter and Investigator, and pro presenter, Rob McLoughlin, to get the inside scoop on hacking in and fighting your way to the top in TV.

Fighting Mental Illness with New Scent-Infused Fashion

Pretty soon, a new type of mood-enhancing clothing could be making us all feel better. Dr Jenny Tillotson of UAL and Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, is currently pioneering in this field of potentially groundbreaking wearable tech.

The Lobster review

In Yorgos Lanthimos’ perverted masterpiece, The Lobster, the animal and the human blend inseparably. In this disorientating world, we are invited to believe, and oddly we do find ourselves believing, that anyone who fails to find a mate within a set period of time will be turned into an animal of their choosing.


Last week we visited the Victoria and Albert to meet Vicky Wilson, a curator of RIBA’s current exhibition on Palladian Design, and Marie Bak Mortensen, Head of Exhibitions at RIBA, to chat to them about RIBA, Palladio, young people, and all things architectural.