About Holly

Holly seeks inspiration from the films of the French New Wave and The Beat Generation poetry and novels. Her research, primarily focused on culture and society, involves critical analysis of Marxist ideas and feminist thinking. Holly believes that it is these ideas that create perpetual tension within our contemporary society.

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Illustration by Salavat Fidai We are constantly reminded of the importance of our body's largest, and most difficult to hide organ. The cosmetic industry is predicted to reach $265 billion by 2017, because each day we are reminded by toxic ad campaigns to “love the skin we’re in”, by using the very products they are pushing in our faces.

An Artist in a Censored World

As a race we are imbued with the primal instinct to survive and protect ourselves. Yet for female artists such as the definitive 20th Century painter Frida Kahlo, and our own generation's Rapi Kaur and Petra Collins, this instinct goes beyond base survival.

The Howl

Can ‘Howl’ be derided for poor taste when its poet defies even the notion of taste? What was Allen Ginsberg howling for?

It’s All Happening…

With the technological revolution continuing to thrive, and the pockets of privacy which we cherish steadily diminishing, could we not describe Almost Famous as a social study or, more dramatically, a warning from Crowe to his audience?