About Ian

Ian Robertson aka Chromaticism, has been colouring the musical imagination of the blogosphere with album and gig reviews since last August. Ian “was an architect previous to his career as a prophet”, he is currently on sabbatical and revelling in the rigorous demands of two young daughters and an elderly grandfather.

Recent Posts

Eindhoven Psych Lab – Effenaar, Eindhoven, 05th – 06th June

Neuroscience claims that playing music is the one art form guaranteed to engage the entire brain. What better way than to flex your collective lobes, than to indulge them in the high art of the experimental psychedelic realm...

Distorted Perspectives Festival – Letterkenny, 30th April to 03rd May 2015

As a current resident in Northern Ireland, for the most part starved of international alternative and independent cultural stimuli, to find an event such as this on your doorstep was a genuine cause for celebration.

Ian Robertson