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Tom has a degree in History & Politics. He is an avid movie goer and music listener and a somewhat embarrassed comic book reader.

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Paintings by Anuar Khalifi The concept of offence is particularly difficult to define; it is so subjective that it’s a bit strange that we actually have just the one word for it.

More of the Same: The 2015 General Election

It’s been so boring that as I scrabbled around for inspiration for this piece, for something to burrow deep into your consciousnesses, to spark an internal monologue, or to incite debate, I came up short. So I decided, in true British fashion, to write about how shit it’s been.

The Oscars: Snaggletoothed hillbillies, glue-sniffing and The Lego Movie

The 87th Academy Awards took place a short while ago and after the dizzying rush of seeing Hollywood’s A-listers rubbing shoulders and looking elated in their posh frocks had deserted me, I was left a little uneasy. By Tom Vigor

STAR WARS: Science-Fiction and the Enduring Nerd

For a number of years I have struggled with the notion that I might be a nerd.