Agnes Martin at the Tate Modern

Dead Wait

Revolution Starts in the Kitchen

Eindhoven Psych Lab – Effenaar, Eindhoven, 05th – 06th June

Neuroscience claims that playing music is the one art form guaranteed to engage the entire brain. What better way than to flex your collective lobes, than to indulge them in the high art of the experimental psychedelic realm…

Dragons, Ogres and Literary Taste: Kazuo Ishiguro and the Rebirth of Fantasy

Genre fiction, like fantasy, has often been seen as a lower form of literature, but does Ishiguro’s latest novel The Buried Giant signal a change in taste?


Never philosophical, the idealism of Rock and Roll was the same basic Hollywood model: the teenage dream of how good it could get, but always that lingering cloud: how bad it might be if you failed.

Distorted Perspectives Festival – Letterkenny, 30th April to 03rd May 2015

As a current resident in Northern Ireland, for the most part starved of international alternative and independent cultural stimuli, to find an event such as this on your doorstep was a genuine cause for celebration.

Maxinquaye at 20

At a distance of 20 years, the political, social and cultural upheavals of the 1990s, which wrought much of the era’s most recognizable music, have come into better focus.
By James Dawson

The Reverb Conspiracy: Vol. III

Merging psychedelia with elements of krautrock, space rock, garage, electronica and more, each track offers a different, yet unifying experience from start to end.

J by Howard Jacobson

Where to start? J, by Howard Jacobson…or rather, should I say, with the air of forced mystique by which this entire novel is characterised…J, by Howard Jacobson…
By Emily Parker