Erasure and Architecture

“The great myth of our times is that technology is communication”.
Libby Larsen (Composer)

“I am fascinated by the concept of erasure,” Rowan says, “and by the idea that the use of technology and the expansion of the dense urban environment precipitate a disconnection between how we, as material humans with bodies, communicate within the increasingly digital environment.

Using relief printing Rowan explores dense compact images of the cities on a large scale. He begins his creative process by deconstructing a photographic image of a city; this creates new and interesting architectural spaces. This deconstruction fragments and distorts what is recognisable, and in turn disorientates the viewer, leaving them in a state of ambiguity of image and space. The city that existed in the photograph becomes lost and unknown.

In his work, Rowan tries to convey a layering and compression of time, space and place, similar to the digital world, combined with a collapse of art historical references from the dynamism of the Italian Futurists to the geometric abstraction of Malevich. He is exploring how the manipulation of form and space may place the viewer into the perceptually unknown, “giving them the chance,” he says, “to truly understand this underlying disconnection created by urbanisation and the use of digital technology.”

Rowan Siddons

Rowan Siddons

Rowan Siddons is an international exhibiting artist from Banbury, Oxfordshire. He is currently finishing his BA (hons) degree at the University of Brighton where he studies Fine Art: Printmaking. Rowan's prior education came from Oxford and Cherwell Valley College where his interests and exploration in printmaking began.
Rowan Siddons

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