Helix is part of an ongoing photographic research focussing on iconic workplaces within British heavy
industry, capturing the everyday ambience while portraying and questioning the identity of their
highly skilled workforce.


Helix Shipping & Technical Services Ltd., a family-run business spanning three generations, initiated
by one of the patriarchs of modern maritime industry, enlists family members and employees.
A repository of skills in naval architecture and engineering, and one of only five London-based firms
associated with the Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ships Surveyors, the company is
often called upon for advisory and arbitration consultations in international marine enquiries and


Helix investigates disappearing professions associated with British maritime tradition. In particular, it
draws attention to the shipbuilding industry’s intangible remains, now an eroded pillar of what used to
be an empire. Since the Middle Ages, merchant fleet was fundamental to Britain’s industrial strategy,
allowing it to become a shipbuilding giant, propelled first by adventurers then by traders, protected by
a strong navy and later powered by the industrial revolution’s technical progress. In the 50 years
following WW2, shipping was slowly stripped of its special strategic status, making it just another
declining industry.

Hania Farrell

Hania Farrell

Hania Farrell is a Lebanese born, London based visual artist trained in interior design at BUC (Beirut),
Pratt Institute (New York) and Charpentier (Paris).
Her practice sets out to challenge and expand the medium of photography by creating immersive,
multimedia environments. Interested in exploring the innate relatability within humankind and, more
widely, within the natural realm, her work seeks to highlight structural commonalities while
questioning issues of identity, belief systems and cultural stereotypes.
Hania Farrell

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