The Surprise of a Kinder Egg

It is appealing and gratifying to our egotistical needs for acknowledgment so we adhere to investing time in becoming these virtual versions of our selves. For this however we sacrifice our sensitivity, we allow ourselves to be numbed by the consistent motion created by this perpetual stream of information.

“Less carrot, more stick”: Mass immigration and a workforce dignity

Over recent years, a number of arguments have been put forward in favour of mass immigration. In this short space, allow me to address one of these, if only in part: that immigration is mutually beneficial – immigrants want to live and work in Britain, and their doing so is a boost to the British economy.

Killing the Lamb

things really got going when we got onto the advanced stuff like killing the lamb. It was slow-moving at first, making sure everyone was up to the same standard, making sure we all had the same skill set, making sure there was little room for individuality or personal flair.

Distorted Perspectives Festival – Letterkenny, 30th April to 03rd May 2015

As a current resident in Northern Ireland, for the most part starved of international alternative and independent cultural stimuli, to find an event such as this on your doorstep was a genuine cause for celebration.

Studio Visit: Melanie Wheeler

“It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of things are superfluous and if you really want to carry on making art then it’s probably the most important thing you can do with your time”

Life Long Learner

The Soul of Man Under Social Media

As far as the options are concerned, death is equivalent with getting a new hamster. As are publishing a book and doing study abroad. As are learning a new language and registering to vote.

Water Cycle
White Paint

New New Sincerity and the Artistic Collective

Yes, the idea of mindless pop is taken to the extreme, but the artists involved in the collective simultaneously demonstrate their love for the bubblegum, mainstream pop music they appear to be parodying.

Studio Visit: Aaron Rawcliffe

“After all, if you want to make art, you will find a way to do it. It is the ‘staying positive bit’ that’s hard work.”



Art, whether in linguistic, pictorial or sonic form, is the essence of human expression. As primal an instinct as breathing or sleeping, the need to externalise our sensations, as well as the thoughts and emotions we experience within our own individual spheres of consciousness, is at the heart of what it means to be human.


Never philosophical, the idealism of Rock and Roll was the same basic Hollywood model: the teenage dream of how good it could get, but always that lingering cloud: how bad it might be if you failed.

Honey, You’re A Real Thing

Warhol: Identity as Art

It is, then, this sense of unity and aspiration relating to commodity that Warhol strove to recreate across his artworks, reproducing the otherwise mundane in objects of idealism to be reconsidered as symbols of society.

Idealismo en Sevilla

The Freshest Fresher

You know that feeling you get when you’re totally comfortable in a social situation? No, neither do I, hence on the night before my first “Freshers’” week of university I was impossibly nervous at the prospect of starting a new life over one hundred miles away from home with a whole new group of people, and having only my personality to rely on to get to know them.

Conversation with Jordan Alex Smith

Think about how much money art and culture make the government? Science is all good and you’ll get a job, but we contribute a hell of a lot more.

More of the Same: The 2015 General Election

It’s been so boring that as I scrabbled around for inspiration for this piece, for something to burrow deep into your consciousnesses, to spark an internal monologue, or to incite debate, I came up short. So I decided, in true British fashion, to write about how shit it’s been.


Copy, reference, and revive. Revive the works of the master architects and masons, the artists and the philosophers, just as they had referenced the Greeks before them.

Eastern Ideals

Kill Your Masters Fast, Before You Follow Them