Mood Swings (diptych)

Mixed media (reactive digital print on velvet, false lashes, fake red polished nails)
300 x 130 cm

Mood Swings, are an outcome of one year research to conceptually and formally produce a meaningful artwork, which would revolve around the question of gender and a particular form of art – painting.
This art pieces came into existence influenced by Duchamp`s ready- mades, Andy Warhol`s repetitive simulacrums and foremost by Lacanian subject.
The images of close lids are all mine- whereas x-ray photographs of finger bones were found online, but all the nails were painted manually with three shades of red. Images are digitally manipulated and printed on prestigious velvet.

Ana Jagodic

Ana Jagodic

Ana Jagodic, born in Ljubljana in 1992. Studied fine art at Academy of Visual Art and Academy of Fine Art and Design. Interested in various mediums to question everyday banality of society, desire and other controversial subjects.
Ana Jagodic

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