Portrait painting

Portrait by Rebecca Chitticks

This sphere that we participate in casually within our day to day life seeps into our unconscious and I feel this influences my artistic practise.

Whilst browsing through feeds and skimming streams of data I am constantly soaking up ideas and finding relationships, imagined narratives between disparate threads of information, fragments of pictures, colours and these are used as my references.

Oil paint acts as a conduit through which I am able to convey the fleetingness and allure of beauty, I hope to incite emotion through my choice of imagery and colour palette. Whilst the ideas, hopes and intentions of the action are transient the painting remains constant.

I’m a lesbian that paints primarily male subjects, I feel my work seeks to bring balance to the realm of portraiture which is saturated with paintings of women by heterosexual male artists.


Rebecca Chitticks

Rebecca Chitticks

Rebecca is a figurative painter based in London. She received a BA (hons) in Fine Art from the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham.
Rebecca Chitticks

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